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Alison was born in Milan - Italy, where she was introduced to sports at a very young age. She became a synchronised swimmer at the age of 7, and started to compete at national level by 12.

After graduating in Industrial Design, she moved to the UK where she became a professional sailor. After two Atlantic crossing on a Farr 65 and two years spent between the UK and the Caribbean, she moved to London where she became a full time Creative Designer. Outside the standard 9am-5pm working hours she developed the passion for artistic gymnastics and bodybuilding and she started competing in both disciplines since 2014.

2018 marks great life achievements for Alison: from entering the IFBB Pro League as professional bodybuilder in the fitness class, to founding Pitaya Studio, a London-based creative services boutique for design/creative solutions.

In September 2018 she also became an Online Life Transformational Coach in order to further her help towards changing peoples lives for a better future.



Alison has the following qualifications:

Personal Trainer level 3*

Ante/Postnatal Advance Personal Trainer level 4*

Certified Master Herbalist

Certified Vegan Nutritionist

*Awarded by YMCA Awards, recognised by REPs, and recognised internationally by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).