• Alison Amos

Mimosa themed workout next Monday 8 March 2021

Next Monday will be the 8th of March and I remember very vividly this festivity while I was living back to Italy during my childwood.

It could be the memory of that strong Mimosa flower smell, or the feeling that spring is approaching...either ways, this week I realised I wanted to bring those memories back.

And it’s for this reason that I am hosting a workshop next Monday from 6pm till 6:45pm (Italy time, 5-6 UK time).

it will be a women only workshop, yellow themed, where I will be celebrating with you all the International Women's Day (IWD).

What will happen that day.

We will start with a gentle body warm-up followed by a full body workout (no equipment needed) all executed with some exciting 70’s & 80’s music in the background!.

Be aware: fluo leggings and leotards are very much welcomed!

And that's for the first part. For the second part we will spend some time on the floor doing a mixture of holding stretching postures while crafting a beautiful piece of art that we will keep it as a self made gift for this workshop.

Here the tools that I suggest you to have ready for the workshop:

1) a picture frame and a picture with a girlfriend of yours (or your girlfriends)

2) sissors

3) quick stick glue or double side tape

4) a yellow and white Plastic bag (please reuse the ones you already own!)

I will also share with you all at the end of the workshop one of my best golden latte recipes, just to keep the 'yellow themed thingy' going on for a bit longer than a day...

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